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I Love - Cristina Morrison
Cristina Morrison Jazz  

The debut solo jazz effort from singer/songwriter Cristina Morrison, I Love, introduces one of the most distinctively original vocal artists on the scene today. An accomplished actress, a graduate of the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Ms. Morison's talent has been hailed as "chameleonic and versatile " and she brings these same qualities to her music on an album that melds jazz, blues, folk and pop sensibilities of the U.S. with samba, bossa nova and other South American influences, in a unique mélange that is all her own. Born of mixed American and Ecuadorian parentage in Miami, Morrison has resided in Rome, Quito, the Galapagos Islands, Los Angeles and now New York City, resulting in a multicultural world view that is reflected in her music, which is informed by her myriad life experiences and keen observations into the nature of the human character. Russ Musto READ MORE

Vocalist Cristina Morrison is as worldly and well-traveled as they come. She was born in Miami and spent time living in Rome, Quito, the Galapagos Islands and Los Angeles before landing in the Big Apple, from whence she recorded this fine debut. Morrison possesses a voice that's alternately soothing, sassy, straightforward or sly, and she brings it to bear on a diverse array of original and oft-covered offerings. Dan Bilawsky - allaboutjazz.com READ MORE

"Gifted with a beautiful voice, this new lady of jazz makes quite a splash on I Love, a debut recording capturing a graceful performance stylishly announcing her entrance into the world of jazz music" Edward Blanco - Ejazznews

A first call selection of some of the Big Apple's finest push Morrison to discover her own keen sense of melodic feel and develop the true potential of her own engaging lyrics which while deceptively subtle are at times rather cinematic in scope. I Love is a pristine recording designed to touch the listener both the visceral and cerebral levels and this may be where the true success and individuality of the artist are born. Morrison is the real deal bringing together a nice package with musical chops to spare. An incredibly entertaining and adventurous tour de force that gives up a little something new with each subsequent spin of the disc. A real winner that leaves the listener longing for more! Brent Black - Critical Jazz

"Exceptional musicians are part of this interesting and loving project, creating a profound mix of rythms where the interpretation of each band member contributes to the making of this high quality musical album" 4 STARS - Oscar Montagut - latinjazznet.com

"She gets into singing in a bebop fashion or something that migt make Natalie Cole proud. I love is one vocal jazz album that is worth a listen or two, and worth suggestion to any and all" John Book

"chameleonic and versatile ” and she brings these same qualities to her music on an album that melds jazz, blues, folk and pop sensibilities of the U.S. with samba, bossa nova and other South American influences, in a unique mélange that is all her own" WidePR.com

" Estadounidense Morrison desata en Ecuador su vena latina con disco “I love”" impactony.com - Impacto de New York al Mundo

Dated: Dec 08, 2011
Cristina’s debut original solo jazz album “I LOVE”, with support from BMI, has been selected to be given out as a gift at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s “Young Patrons” concert event on December 10th in New York City. MORE...CLICK HERE

This beautiful musical project is the perfect image of what Ms. Morrison is, a poetic and chameleonic figure in the art field. Her work reflects a myriad of elements from different cultures and places which seem fitting as she has been living in different countries around the world. The World Music Report READ MORE

"CRISTINA MORRISON/I Love: Morrison is down with the concept of old school dames but she has a pomo sensibility all the way. Probably hiding a restless artist behind a cool façade, Morrison ditches her last persona but doesn’t leave it too far behind as crime jazz mixes with after hours mixes with just about everything else that could be smoky. A cinematic musical experience, this almost a nu kind of cabaret in the making.Midwest Record by CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher

Morrison sings with a more worldly, sophisti- cated sound on (6). Her voice is more jazz-oriented and the music behind her sounds really polished. The glossiness really shows on the slow cha-cha beat of “What A Difference” and the bossa nova groove of “East Of The Sun” but that slickness does not undermine the sultriness of her singing. Morrison sings seductively all over this disc, whether she is tackling the brassy funk of “Red Mafia”, the lushness of “Fifteen Day Affair” or the jazzy pop of “I Love.” There are good solos throughout from horn players Christian Hidrobo and Walter Symanski but Morrison is the dominant voice really giving this work life and emotion.CD Review: Cadence July 2012 by Jerome Wilson

This is a strong debut from singer-songwriter-actress Cristina Morrison, who has polished a half-dozen original tracks and three classics to a luster, with the help of some excellent New York session players.I’ll look to hear more from Ms. Morrison. Hope it’s soon.This disc is highly recommended. CD Review: by Doug Boynton READ MORE

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I Love - Cristina Morrison I Love - Cristina Morrison I Love - Cristina Morrison
Cristina Morrison

Cristina Morrison Press Kit
Cristina Morrison Press Kit

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